Saturday, January 06, 2007

The reason for a blog…

I was thinking in how to justify this blog... But, then again, should it be a reason for converging ideas all across the world? Or should it be a reason to defend every human being's right to exist?

This is the space that wants to bring different kinds of peoples and, therefore, different kinds of visions of the world. All based on one single idea: the respect for human rights and values.

A Psychoanalyst could ask me why I am doing this? A Systemic ask me what for? And, an Existentialist ask for the meaning of this project in my essence...

All I can say is that I am another one in the quest, searching for that “one point” that is knowledge, split in so many ideas and world-conceptions. Seeker is how I define myself!

This blog is the sum of many: many writers and collaborators from different cultural backgrounds will (once in a while) write their thoughts in things related to psychology (and not only); different readers (hopefully) from across the world; different experiences and different ways of seeing the same reality.

This blog wants to bring everyone the reflection on what I consider the four human dimensions: the Physical, the Mental, the Noettic and the Social, in all their possible meanings.

Please, be welcome

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I will link you to me as well.
Looking forward to visiting you often and reading your wise words.


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