Wednesday, November 28, 2007

One Life, One Voice

Most people that know me know that if there is one single issue that makes me move is Human Rights.

And that I am a person that tries to use modern technologies as doors that could open opportunities to intervene, opening apparently closed doors.

This is why I leave an invitation! I forward a challenge!

Humans are born with the right to exist, the right to be free, to love and be loved, to respect and be respected.

But, day after day, those rights are taken, by unfair imprisonment, incoherent judicial systems, inequality in treatment, persecution, massacres, and genocides.

This is the reason, this is the goal: to create an active network that shows our general dissatisfaction with this.

On December 10th, International Day for Human Rights, I’d like to have us all working together, as One World, One Life, in such a way that our readers could bear in mind that we are, in fact, One World and One Life.

For those who have a blog and whish to be a part of this, it is very simple: There are no limits to your imaginations (simply because unity should be achieved through diversity!).

  • You could chose a specific or general situation;
  • Write on economics and human rights, religious perspective and human rights, psychology of human rights, movies on human rights, poems, music videos, paintings, drawings;
  • Your imagination is the limit!

Those without blogs, but whishing to have an active participation, should not forget that technology is a means and not an end.

Should one single member of the human body suffer, I'd suffer too.
Because, there is only one world, and there is only one life:Human Life.

Our main goal is to remember that we are all One Body, One Life.

So, if you want to take part of this initiative:

You should choose (at least) one of the logos, developed by Lino Resende, in case you choose to join this adventure for human existence.

Thank you all!

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