Friday, April 13, 2007

Head in the sky

When we put our heads in the sky, flying around systematically, we can develop mental health problems (psychotic episodes, lack of contact with reality, ...).

This is the result of an investigation published in The Lancet, a British scientific weekly. After the analysis of more than half a thousand articles on flying and health, they have found reports of weak cognitive performance and mental health problems. The investigators became also aware that the female crew can suffer from perturbation of their menstruation cycle.

This is all due the timetable and the hour changes. So, a piece of friendly advice given by the researchers: in case you stay less than three days in another country, maintain your homeland eating and sleeping habits, because some changes are just not supposed to happen!

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Então o Peyman também aprticipa neste blog.


Hello Sam, thanks for linking to my humble blog. Your's looks very interesting. It seems that we have some common interest brother. I look forward to coming back to visit again.


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Un blog realmente interesante, qué pena que mi nanejo del inglés sea tan básico, aún así consigo enterarme y disfrutarlo, todo lo relacionado con la psicología me apasiona.


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