Sunday, March 04, 2007

Can we fight our Chromosomes?

At V. Willour, P. Zandi, J. Badner, J. Steele, K. Miao, V. Lopez, D. MacKinnon, F. Mondimore, B. Schweizer, M. McInnis (2007). "Attempted Suicide in Bipolar Disorder Pedigrees: Evidence for Linkage to 2p12" in Biological Psychiatry, Volume 61, Issue 5 (pp. 725-727) one can read that there might be a genetic disposition to attempt suicide.

Investigations held by the University of John Hopkins (Maryland, USA) and others seem to agree with the idea that there is a relationship between Chromosone 2 (the 2p12 area of the Chromosone) and suicide.

These studies have tried to scan a pattern between bipolars with known attempts of suicide and their families, examining the data of 162 families and including 417 people with diagnosed schizoafective or bipolar ills.

These findings can serve to identify people at risk of suicide, according to the main investigator Virginia Willour, but then again... Once more we seem to find deterministic ways of seeing people, forgetting that we can have our last decision, despite our biological conditionings...

Or can't we?

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I think we can, Sam. And I agree when you say that once more we find deterministic/biological/genetic ways of seeing our own existence... I think it is a serious question that nowadays we tend to forget... The scientific advances in medicin, investigation and genetics make us believe that we are merely consequences of processes that we still don't understand. What about our will, our motivation, our ability to change ourselves and the world? What about wour free will?


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