Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Saddam: from Dictator to Martyr (3 of 4) - from present, past and (perhaps) future

We live in a society where everything is fast, even human rights are rapidly broken in astonishing speeds, and international community sits unperturbed, letting yesterday’s mistakes to repeat themselves. A society that is ruled by characters Adler wouldn’t refrain himself from using as examples to his theory, because, probably, they hold inferiority complexes, needing to manifest themselves, to grow publicly, to show off and tread, trough the systematic extermination of any free thinker or population that they please.

That is why Jung affirms that “one little disturb of the equilibrium of the heads of some chiefs is enough for the world to become blood”. And its result is genocide across the world; this is the consequence of wars for peace; this is the aim of judgments that are called impartial and fair.

A certain George affirmed, once, that war prefigures the ideal shape to crash, and launch into the stratosphere or to sink to the maritime abyss products that, otherwise, could serve to give an excessive comfort to the masses, and consequently, at large term, make them extremely lucid. War is the distraction factor, in the way the dictator – that would be hunted till the end of his days – deviates attention and alters the chain of human needs: people no longer focus on freedom of expression, need of equality, compulsive education, alimentation and health right, but on the need of safety and protection above all.

In the book 1984, George Orwell (and not W. Bush) speaks also about the theme of the incredibility of the leaders, of a dictatorial state, in the masses capability to make a revolution by their own initiative. That is what systematically happens: the Germany and the Italy of the II World War, the Serbia of the yesterday, the Iraq of today and the Iran of tomorrow; the leaders think they are legitimized by the people. Saddam himself, proudly echoed his 100% at the presidential elections!

Yet, with the same speed that it goes up: it falls. This is the law of physics! Another of physic’s laws is that we cannot alter the past: December, 13th 2003 Saddam Hussein was found at 17:30 (GMT) in Adwar, in an under-earth hole, a hole to scape from the forces that wanted to stop him; and December, 30th 2006 he was hanged in the peer out dawn (6:00 local time and 3:00 GMT), when less expected. But it is also from physics that we take our idea presented by Schrödinger, of the existence of diverse futures: from December 2006, present time, we see various future alternatives ramified, various probable realities (according to Sartre) – a choice falls under humankind’s shoulder. The choice of peace or the choice of war, of concord or discord, between the right and the easy.

Sam Cyrous
(published in Psicologia Actual, Portugal, January 2006).

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