Thursday, February 01, 2007

Saddam: from Dictator to Martyr (1 of 4) - from Iraq to the world

You have probably noticed some things that recently happened in the world…
Democrats won the intercalary elections (USA), in part, due to the presidential agenda in Iraq.
Tony Blair lost the leadership of his party (UK), in part, due to his implication in Iraq.
Zapatero (Spain) won the presidency of the government, against what the sounding said, due to bombings said to be connected to terrorist activities resulting the invasion of Iraq.

Iraq leads the world panorama!

For or against the military invasion of Iraq (began in March 2003), any neutral observer can verify that peace was not only unattained, as its vision doesn’t seem to be in the Iraqi population’s horizon. For or against death penalty, on the words of those who did it, the world lost one of the most terrible dictators ever: Saddam Hussein.

Born in 1937, in Tiqrit, son of unknown father, Saddam, with only 21 years old was demonstrating his incapability to tolerance, killing his brother-in-law, from whom he diverged “politically”.

Like other character who arrived to power, Saddam started from the bottom. After an absence of four years, he returned to his country, in 1963, to participate in the coup d’état which would lead him to power, in 1968, through the Revolutionary Command Counsil under the leadership of his cousin al-Bakr, from whom we would take the presidency in 1979, beginning a new period of conflicts in the zone.

Saddam is held today, by the eyes of the ample majority of the people, as the main responsible of the Kurdish genocide (1988), that totalized five thousand deaths – like the Armenian genocide by the government of the Young Turkish, during the I World War; of the Jewish and Gipsy communities, at II World War, under the leadership of Hitler; of the Tutsis, in Rwanda, by Akayesu, who personally supervised the extermination; the genocide of the Bosnian population, in a total of eight thousand dead, under the power of Milosevic; the cultural genocide of the Bahá'ís in Iran, since the Islamic Revolution; the genocide perpetrated by the Janjaweed militias in the Darfur since, at least 2004, and that, due the absence of condemnation by the International Community spread, some months ago, to Chad. Today, the world is interlinked and it is worthless to close our eyes. Yesterday, Iraq wouldn’t influence global panorama, today the earth assumes itself as one country.

Sam Cyrous
(published in Psicologia Actual, Portugal, January 2006).

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