Monday, January 15, 2007

And we are still analyzing 2006...

Not even a month has passed and we are still analyzing 2006, the year that brought with it great challenges and appeased great torments. It was an year filled with the best and the worst of humankind, in the arts, in politics, in humanism. It was an year that made us be angels among demons and devils amongst saints.

2006 was the year that presented me to great creators of cinema like Oliver Sacks and George Romero and, made me find hope in the worse of circumstances in City of God and The Constant Gardener, of the Brazilian Fernando Meirelles, that allowed us to find beauty and serenity in corruption and peace in human vileness, being serene without being monotonous, sad without being piegas and realistic without taking our hope away!

On television Jack & Bobby (USA): a story of how, under circumstances of life, decisions may lead us to the highest heaven; and Sinhá Moça (Brazil): the unstopable struggle towards the unstopable equality between human beings.

2006 was also the year of the deaths of Milosevic (without certitude of the circumstances), of Saddam (without certitude of correctness), and of Pinochet (without certitude of justice), and the rebirth of Lula and Chavez, the sandinism in Nicaragua, and the doble victory in Mexico. It was the year that the governments of Iran and of Egypt used, once more, to tread the Bahá'ís; the year in which they put in cause the genocides perpetrated during the I World War and the the II World War. The year of the war in Syria and in Israel, of the fall of the republicans in the US, of the alleged fall of Blair... It was the year of the fall and of the elevation!

It was the year that permitted me assist the elevation of a formerly dream that was Psicologia Actual - the first divulgation magazine of Psychology in Portugal – and of the completion of my Master's final essay (with a change of subject and two months to work the new theme...). Three couple-friends elevated themselves to the ultimate commitment (marriage), and I, now, can add to the places I've visited the Basque Country (Spain/France) and Malaga (Spain), finding Positive Psychotherapy in Wiesbaden (Germany).

But the year that was just born shall be an even more complete year (after all, the sum of its numerals is 9, the most perfect and complete number, including within all the inferior numbers). It will be during 2007 that we shall refind Sudan and Chad and Somalya and Ethyopia on the headlines of the world; we shall see the Brazilian and the Venezuelan constitutions towards a change and the European constitution towards somewhere; we shall see if Yazdí continues with the thirst of elimination of all post-Islamism; if second generation occidentals will understand that they are the result of a beautiful trans-culturality, and if the natives open their arms to the embeautment of their mono-cultural gardens.

On my side... I have started to work on what I like and make what I want; see movies like The Transformers, The Spiderman 3 and Charlotte’s Web – cartoons that rested so much influence during my childhood – at the same time I expect do see great master pieces like Freedom Writers, East of Eden and Next.

I will try to see each and every movie that transmits me persons between two worlds: the world they always considered real, correct and just, and the world that is in fact the real one, the incorrect one, the unjust and the hypocrite one – and the decisions they'll have to take between one and the other realidaty... I shall see at the news how much it costs to save lives in Europe and in the Americas... Is it at the cost of the breeze of gardeners of lives that don’t know how to be constant? What’s the cost of the end of a war in Africa or in Asia, or the cost of the lives lost on those wars, the cost of the rebirth during the real life? These are the questions I want to see answered during 2007.

This shall be the year that I’ll be taken by life, in all of its dimensions and aspects and shapes. 2007 shall be the year in which I will read more and write more.

Miguel Garrido, the director of my Master course, used to say in our classes that university courses and academic titles were of few use if we didn’t read ten books per year. I went beyond that: during 2006 I've finished reading more than twenty books (many others shall walk by my side to be finished in 2007). There were three the genre and three were the authors that marked me this year, and most probably shall mark me during 2007: the pragmatic mysticism of'Abdu'l-Bahá in ‘Abdu’l-Bahá in London, the psychological humanism of Viktor Frankl in Will to Meaning and the pragmatic humanism of Orhan Pamuk in his The White Castle. From the Nobel prize Pamuk, I underline the following passage, in which I whish to leave you all a 2007 full of meaning:

Man must enjoy the life he has choosen, to the point that he ends up assuming it.

And you: which choices did you like to make in 2006, and how are we assuming them for 2007?

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